Dear Visitors,

It’s been a while since we shared what’s happening with Synapse, and where do we stand with the entire project as of now. It’s time to break the quiet, and let you know about a couple things…

If you’re a somewhat frequent visitor, you’d know by now that we’ve been collecting donations for covering the expenses this hobby requires. We’d like to thank all of you who decided to throw some money into the bucket and help us pay the server costs. It’s heartwarming to see that our work is appreciated by some of you to the extent that you didn’t hesitate to contribute. Although we haven’t reached the end goal for now (which is a 100USD), we’re over the halfway through, which is great!

For those who are reading this and haven’t donated yet, the donations are still open to anyone interested. Feel free to email us at, and we’ll send you the PayPal email address.

Alright, now that this subject is out of the way, let’s talk about what’s been thus far, and what is going to be…

Stumbling updates

As you’ve noticed (without a doubt), things haven’t been so great here in the past year or so… But the infrequent content updates are by no means representative of the motivation and passion we still hold in our hearts after all these years…

Both Myth and myself (Wex) have been pretty slow and inconsistent with publishing new releases, which is something neither of us is happy about, but sometimes life happens as they say… Myth has been very busy with his job, and he struggles with finding time for his hobbies. It’s just what it is… I (Wex) am also busy with my work, but the reasons why I don’t publish as regularly as I’d like to (or could), is rather a choice. Let me explain…

The current site

Synapse as it is now, is a piece of shit in my eyes. I need it to go into the waste bin as soon as possible… It’s outdated. It’s far behind the standards of today’s modern web. I just can’t stand doing anything on it, to be honest. Even writing this blog post is painful, haha.

So we need a solution: Update the website here and there… Nah, I was kidding…

A new dawn

We are in the process of re-building not just the entire website from the ground up, but every single piece of the puzzle. The main concept of the project will remain unchanged, however everything else will be new and fresh. Our visitors will finally witness the vision we had in our mind for so many years… We are beyond excited to bring a completely revamped, modern and polished experience which I am undoubtely sure will bring Synapse into it’s best shape since it’s very existence, dating back to 2009. (Hardly any hobby project lasts as long, we can agree. That’s what happens when true passion is the fuel that powers something.)

For anyone whose curiosity got sparked, you can follow our freshly created Mastodon account (the decentralized Twitter alternative) where we’ll be making sure to post status updates regarding the progress of the new website, as well as anything else related to our beloved project. The Mastodon profile will be something where we plan to be active and communicate with our fans. Ofcourse we acknowledge many of you aren’t on Mastodon, so we encourage you to join! It’s a nice place. (:

Hint: Our newly updated logo can be seen there.

What you can expect

You’ll have a user account. Yeah, yet another…lol. It’s going to give a nice and clean place for your liked tracks. We’re not building a social media platform, but things will be a little more alive, colorful, and dynamic… We’re gonna have things like Top10 Tracks of the last 30 days (which is the main reason we’ll have neat like buttons next to every track), we’ll have extremely well organized ID3 tags in all of our uploads, aaaand a huge one: A dedicated place for all the music, which is controlled by no one else but us. That means no more removed tracks, unless ofcourse the copyright holders of a certain track will want to get it removed. In that case, we’ll be very commited to fulfill every takedown request as soon as in a few hours. While a large portion of our shares are bootlegs, there are many copyrighted songs as well. Despite the sharing, we understand and respect the rights, so if anyone sees it as an issue rather than what we see and mean it for (promotion of often otherwise unseen and unheard productions and artists), we are 100% still going to comply with deleting any release requested by it’s owner who can prove it that he/she is indeed the owner. (A “Report Copyright Infgingement” section will be at offer.)

…Apart from that, we’ll be introducing more cool and useful stuff, which we’ll be talking about on Mastodon.

A little more patience…

Okay, this has to be said. Good things take time, as we all know. We’ve been bragging about working on a new website since a while (those of you who’ve been part of our Facebook group know), but truth to be told, I had no money to pursue it. So it was on hold. Synapse doesn’t make us money. It’s a “just for fun” thing. I could realize the website I initially wanted, but new ideas for a bit more complex features kept popping up, and I couldn’t ignore them. These things require php/javascript programmers to be developed, and that costs $$$. The main thing holding back the development progress is lack of fundings. But the good news is that we’re getting to the finish line…Then I can start putting all the pieces together, which will go a lot faster.

So you might be asking, “when is it going to be live?!” If I had to give an estimate, I’d say early 2023 is realistic. I like to have a bit of a wiggle room when it comes to deadlines, so if any unplanned complications are to occur, we’ll have less stress to deal with. Hope you understand.

As a last sentence of this long and perhaps boring announcement / status update, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read it, if you’ve read it. I wish you a great end of 2022, and an even greater upcoming 2023.


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