Frequently Asked Questions

*This page will be continuously updated

Is this website in any correlation with the old

  • Yes. This is the same project, with the same owner running the site. It’s just the domain name that has changed.
 Do you support music piracy?

  • No. Although we do share music for free, we are strictly doing it to share and promote releases we want to give support to. We genuinely want to support the content creators. We encourage all of our visitors to do the same. If you download copyrighted content to your device, you agree to remove it under 24 hours. We hold no responsibility for the manner you will use the content.
 Are you replacing dead links?

  • No, we don’t. Any links which aren’t alive anymore, are most likely removed by their respected copyright owners (or deleted automatically after 30 days of no downloads). If they requested a delete from Zippyshare, we respect their choice.
 Where have all the content gone? Why do I see only Release Packs?

  • Due to lack of time, as well as the desire to make a more niche site, we re-designed Synapse into a simplified, yet more focused site. From now on, the only type of content you’ll find is new releases.